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New Products @ the Jungle

Here Are Some New Additions to Our Product Line:

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No-Hide Dog Chews

Digestible. Delicious. Durable.

The Natural Alternative to Rawhide

No Hide Dog Chews ~The Best Treat On the Planet

There is No-Hiding it, finally, a healthier and more digestible alternative to Rawhide. No-Hide Chews gives new meaning to dog treats. They are more durable and digestible than any other chew on the market. When it comes to Earth Animal’s true core values, we insist on quality and we never settle for second best. We were tired of unacceptable ingredients and chemicals. The inspiration for No-Hide was to make a nutritious treat that would keep our dogs busy, help maintain healthy teeth and gums and have a chew that is easily digestible.  No-Hides are one of the first chews of its kind and Hide free!  The people have spoken and the dogs are begging for more,  they are simply the best treat on the planet! Durable and long lasting makes a joyously, satisfied happy pup!

No-Hide chews are 100% free of rawhide and made with the highest quality, human grade ingredients available. They’re easy to digest. In fact, in an updated, independent testing conducted by Dr. Timothy J. Bowser, Ph.D., P.E., at PetMech, LLC found that No-Hides digest in the animals system on average at a rate of 80% compared to an average of 18% for rawhide.

Natural Flea & Tick Program

Eliminate Fleas & Ticks

Go Natural. Prevent and Protect Internally and Topically

The Herbal Flea & Tick Defense Program is a system of products formulated by Dr. Bob and made with natural, safe and effective ingredients used both internally and externally, that defend against and eliminate fleas, ticks and other biting insects without using harsh or harmful chemicals, pesticides or insecticides. All products are safe for you, your animals and our environment.

For ESSENTIAL, year-round prevention, simply add our powders and drops to your animals daily diet. The special combination of the vitamins, minerals and herbs helps to change the odor of your dog and cats blood so that fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and black flies do not like the odor or taste of the blood. The odor is undetectable by humans but loathed by these insects, therefore they do not like to bite, embed or be attracted to your animal at all! At the same time, these remedies are building their immune system. We believe the healthier the animal the less likely for any infestations. It works! Over 35 years of proven testimonials!

For ADDITIONAL protection, we have two naturally effective products that should be used in conjunction with our essential products during spring, summer and fall months including our Herbal Bug Spray and our Herbal Flea & Tick Shampoo.

Our newest member of our natural flea & tick defense program is our Herbal Flea & Tick Defense Collar for dogs and cats infused with a natural blend of aromatic herbs and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved, essential oils with a fresh, minty fragrance. Finally, a naturally effective flea & tick collar that is TRIED and TESTED by us and that we stand by 100%!


Check out Taste of the Wild Prey

Limited Ingredient Diets:

In the wild, the diet of the canine or feline was simple, consisting primarily of the prey they hunted. Though hunting that prey was quite a challenge, finding a simple yet complete food for your domesticated canine or feline shouldn’t be. That’s why we created Taste of the Wild PREY limited ingredient diets – a simplified approach to pet food based on the animal’s native diet.



Canine Formulas

Feline Formulas



Designer dog treats made with a molasses base recipe & human grade ingredients. Wheat & Corn Free!

Here are some of the current Valentine’s and St. Patty’s Day Treats, other products from the everyday collection, birthday collection and many more treats also in-stock for your furry family pets.  Don’t miss them, your pets will surely LOVE them!


Hand Decorated Molasses – Rye Flour, Pumpernickel Flour, Water, Molasses (Sugarcane), Sunflower Oil, Baking Powder (Baking Soda, Cream of Tartar, Arrowroot). Icing (Sugar, Partially Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil and Cottonseed Oil, Non Fat Dry Milk, Milk, Glycerol Lacto Esters of Fatty Acids, Soy Lecithin, Peanut Butter, Carob, Red #40, Red #3, Yellow #6, Yellow #5, Blue #2 , Blue #1), Sprinkles (Sugar, Carnauba Wax).

Guaranteed analysis

Crude Protein (MIN) 5.16%                                                        Ash (MAX) 1.16%

Crude Fat (MIN) 15.95%                                                             Moisture (MAX) 6.90%

Crude Fiber (MAX) 0.56%

Caloric Content:

Calories 38.  As fed.  Serving size: 1 treat.

Kcal/kg Calories 3996